Skip the warehouse and ship directly between customers

Our bread-and-butter is peer-to-peer. Why return an item to your warehouse when your next customer may be a few miles away from your returner?

Step 1

Customer opts to hold onto their item for a few extra days

Choose how long you want to allow customers to hold onto it for as well as the incentive to do so. By having them opt-in, it brings them along with you in your sustainability journey.

Step 2

The condition of the item is automatically reviewed, approved, and listed for sale

Based on its assessed condition, a refund outcome and shipping destination is chosen:

  • Perfect condition? P2P as new item, full refund
  • Good condition? P2P as used item, partial refund
  • Poor condition? Keep or recycle, no refund

Step 3

The next customer gets a discount on a brand new, eco-friendly item

Customers can shop for discounted items that are only available for a limited amount of time. Customers know exactly what they're buying to set the right expectations.

Step 4

We create and send the label, and the item is fulfilled

You've just turned what would have been a profit-eating return into a brand new sale, without lifting a finger.

Integrate with your commerce platform, WMS, and shipping providers

A returns solution better for your profits and our planet

Based on 300 returns per month and an average item value of $100

Peer-to-peer with Frate

annual savings
annual costs

Dropoff networks

annual savings
annual costs

Traditional returns

annual savings
annual costs

Access our whitepaper on peer-to-peer returns

Learn about the benefits of peer-to-peer returns and why they're going to reshape the returns industry forever

Ready to take back control of your returns?

The days of blindly accepting returns to your warehouse are over. It's time to start prioritizing your profits and our planet by re-thinking the way we return!