Frate Inc. Privacy Statement

Last Updated: March 11th, 2024


Frate Returns orchestrates the return logistics for consumer goods acquired from a diverse array of retail entities. We oversee and streamline the entire returns procedure, including but not limited to, the initiation, receipt, and processing of merchandise returns. Our platform provides merchants with innovative return logistics solutions and presents consumers with various options for returning merchandise, be it digitally, onsite, directly, or through postal services. The subsequent Privacy Policy elucidates the protocols Frate Returns employs for the collection, retention, application, and disclosure of Personal Information from merchants and consumers. We encourage you to review this document to comprehend the privacy rights and options at your disposal.

Applicability of this Privacy Policy extends to:

  • Merchants with whom we currently collaborate or may partner in the future.
  • Consumers utilizing our services to return items to merchants. Your interactions with our services are subject to this policy, while the merchant’s own privacy policy may also govern the information we collect on their behalf.
  • Individuals visiting our digital properties or engaging with us through offline modes.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our operational practices, service offerings, or due to alterations in the law. Notice of any substantive changes will be communicated at least 30 days prior on our Privacy Policy webpage. Absent of such notice, changes become effective as stated in the update.

Data Governance at Frate Returns

Frate Returns is domiciled within the United States at 5017 Miss Julie Lane, Austin TX, 78727, and can be reached at As recognized by GDPR and other applicable regulations, we act as the data controller, dictating the means and purpose of processing Personal Information.

Affiliated third parties, such as merchants and regulatory entities, may control your data independently; therefore, we advise you to peruse their respective privacy policies.

Categories of Data Collected by Frate Returns

Interaction with our organization, whether as a merchant or a consumer, guides the categories of Personal Information we amass, which could encompass:

  • Identifying particulars like names, communication data, online identifiers, along with merchant account setup requisites.
  • Transactional records, including order specifics, historical returns, and dispatch details.
  • Activity data from web engagements facilitated by cookies or analogous technology.
  • Location data procured with user consent to refine service provision.
  • Communications held with our client service teams across various mediums.
  • Vocational data pertinent to merchant account representatives.
  • Analytics-based insights drawn from user interface with our services.
  • Equipment-related data reflecting user preferences and configurations.

Origins of Personal Information

Our compilation of Personal Information is from diverse origins, including direct interactions, merchant exchanges, logistical collaborations, and openly available data, to ensure a tailored user experience while maintaining compliance.

Utilization and Legal Basis for Data Processing

We abide by jurisdiction-specific legal grounds for data processing. Ordinarily, we process Personal Information for:

  1. Provisioning of services in line with contractual commitments.
  2. Compliance with legal stipulations and enforcement of our terms.
  3. Fulfillment of valid business interests, counterbalanced by individual rights.
  4. Obtaining explicit consent where mandated by legal frameworks.

Disclosure Norms for Personal Information

Engaging in Selling or Sharing Personal Information for advertising predicated on user behavior is not our practice. We disclose information only for functional necessities, risk mitigation, promotional outreach, and adherence to legal obligations, inclusive of:

  • Corporate affiliates under the Frate Returns umbrella in alignment with this notice.
  • Third-party service collaborators and merchant platforms integral to return processing.
  • Legal bodies in compliance with judicial orders.

Retention Timeline for Personal Information

We retain Personal Information to the extent that it fulfills its collection purpose and as prescribed by legal injunctions. Criteria for retention are based on legal compliance, resolution of disputes, and other relevant operational exigencies.

Cookie and Tracking Methodologies

Cookies and parallel technologies serve to optimize service functionality, memorize user preferences, secure our digital interfaces, and monitor system performance. Users have discretionary control over these technologies, with the liberty to personalize settings or opt-out subject to regulatory consent.

Rights and Preferences of Users

We prioritize user agency over Personal Information. You possess the right to review, rectify, or obliterate your data, subject to location-specific rights. To invoke these rights, utilize the contact avenues provided, subject to necessary authentication protocols to safeguard your data.

Cross-border Data Considerations

For non-U.S. residents, it is pertinent to recognize that your data will be managed within the United States and as such, may be subject to differing data protection statutes. We apply measures such as Standard Contract Clauses to safeguard your data across international boundaries.

Safeguarding Personal Data

Our commitment to your data's security is unwavering, with strategic security protocols in place aimed at ensuring reasonable protection against loss, unauthorized access, and disclosure. Despite our rigorous measures, the absolute security of information cannot be guaranteed, and we encourage personal vigilance in protecting your own data.

Child Privacy Protections

Our services are designed for a general audience and are not intentionally directed towards children under the age of 18. We do not knowingly accumulate Personal Information from minors. Should any such data be inadvertently collected, we will take appropriate measures to ensure its removal, unless retention is mandated by law.

Glossary of Terms

A glossary is provided within Section 13 to demystify terms such as “Personal Information,” “Processing,” and “Services,” ensuring you have a clear understanding of our practices.

Communication Channels

Inquiries related to this Privacy Policy or about your Personal Information can be directed to our legal department via email at or through postal correspondence to our Austin address.

State-Specific Privacy Disclosures

Inhabitants of California, alongside other pertinent states, are accorded specific disclosures regarding the nature of data collection, its utilization, and the potential disclosure to third parties, as comprehensively laid out in the respective sections of this Privacy Policy.